Has DJ got an Edge over Live Band?

Live bands have always seen packed audiences wherever they performed. Although both DJ and live bands have their pros and cons, the former has still an edge over the other when it comes to partying and music for special occasions. It is generally seen that it is music brings out all the fun and there are rarely any weddings, get-togethers, public shows and indoor night clubs that doesn’t have it. Naturally, the audience too expects music that enthralls them and would like to let loose themselves during one of those rare ecstatic moments.

Advantages of having a DJ performance

Nowadays a wedding reception or a party on a grand scale is surely expensive. When stuck for some great ideas to camouflage your short comings, a great display of music and dance and fun by audience covers up everything else. You can beat out most party if you had taken some pains to prepare and reflect upon some of the heart throbbing music that audience would like to dance with. Then almost ninety percent of your stress is over.

You may choose live bands, but they come a little too expensive and at the same time you will find them wanting in flexibility that is easily offered by DJs. Apart from costing you less money DJs can offer audience instant slow to fast track without losing any sheen when it comes to great music. Since DJing is done on recorded music the jockey doesn’t need many instruments. Sometimes, two or three person is enough to carry out the whole session.

When it comes to space DJ is the best thing for you. They require very little space and you may have all the fun that you wish your guests to have. Music too can be served according to likes of the audience. Besides, you may include music types of all ages or even prepare the sequences by looking at the demography of the crowd that has arrived.

Improvising whenever Necessary

DJing is something that has evolved over a period of time and still evolving. This means that it is still flexible to improvisation and also on the participatory levels. For audience this is the real thrill for they can put in their own lyrics matching the continuous beat that is already there. Or in an instant suggest the change in the flow of music to fast or slow.

Unlike the regular live bands DJs needn’t seem empty if one or more person in the band has failed to arrive. Since recorded music and recorded twin music mix is characteristic of this genre anyone can take their place that has some love for music. Perhaps the best part about DJ is that it can go on untiringly throughout the whole night as recorded music hardly makes clumsy mistakes. This may not be quite true for live band music where the band members may get fatigued or need some rest.

When it comes to audience participation DJ is the best thing they would like to have. They can carry out sing songs and dance regardless of their age or practice. Contact the TOP Indian DJ in Chicago DJ OZA 847-372-4555