How Trance is Different from Techno?

While the disco raged everywhere some group of music enthusiasts and listeners thought that a more mechanical footing to the music was more interesting. This genre of music soon got popular among these individuals and eventually, their numbers grew when Kraftmark gave it a push for prominence in the 1980s with his pioneering presentations all over the Western world. In sharp contrast was the music genre of melody mixed with warbling so that the whole music swirled forth with predesigned hooks. These hooks were either vocal or instrumental. Again, the bass and the beat were never preferred as much as a synthesizer did. 

The trance genre was more popular among those that went frequently to the bar and were having lots of money to spend around. Techno was all about repetitive beats and dance that required high energy levels and that too throughout the performance from the very beginning to the end.

Difference in Perception of Music

For the techno fans this genre of music greatly raised their enthusiasm to a much higher level and many would dance till they fell into heaps by sheer exhaustion. The music was full of energy and looked more mechanical or synthetic. This made this genre of music quite popular in parties, public gathering and school festivals. It also stresses less on a melody or tries to do without it altogether. The repetitive beats and the entire music resting on synthesizers and percussion ensembles of high energy sound mechanics made it look as if the whole music was being performed by robots.

The trance on the other hand had a following that cared for melody even while they always carried distinct warbling sound. Further, the music of this genre had a layer of hooks and this can be either by singing or with the help of instruments alone. The net affect it had on an audience is that it gave a feeling of high and the mind akin to that of hypnotic mood or something like a person who happens to take drugs.

Trance of the Mind and Techno of Energy

When summing up you may find that where melody matters the mind is the main factor and therefore it prefers smoother repetitive tones. Again, it makes the listener feel good and happier that goes down well with this group of listeners who love to hear trance in the bar or sheesha.

In the case of Techno you have high energy that allows you to sway your body and lays less stress on the mind except for feeling of ease. It obviously makes or prepares all audience for dance with its continuous rhythm.

With trance there is also the feeling of low tension and ease that comes to a person who has been hypnotized. You feel as if you prefer to watch the world around you unfolding to the music with lesser appeal of any body movement and more stress and that overall of satisfaction of the mind that you get.

One characteristics of Trance music is that it builds into climax and does away with whatever beats and drums for sometime and then again builds up.

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My Views on 2019 India General Election

The heat is on Indian General Election 2019 with 91 seats spanning 20 states had already gone to polls on April 11, 2019. There are in all seven such phases and first phase has finished with voters having given their franchise. Another six more phases are still left and this is the world’s largest electoral process and perhaps the costliest one too. The expenses are mindboggling as in many places notes chase votes. However, time and again the Indian public has put forth its faith in the electoral process and barring a few incidents or violence here and there by and large the past elections have been regarded as quite peaceful. This one too hopefully would remain so if the first phase of voting is any indication.

There are different views on the electoral process as well as opinions on the mandate that parties are likely to get depending upon the different view points, ideologies, chaste, religion, economic scenario and above all communal politics. My view points in a general way would be as you would be able to note from the following paragraphs.

Summing up Indian General Election

I would simply state that the Indian General Election 2019 would be similar to the ones preceding it yet with a definite open pitch for caste and religion as first preference and economic issues and public perception of a leader in second place only. There may be some influences where local politicians walk the talk by meeting some of the promises they had earlier made to the public and even more glaring, the anti-incumbency factor.

Unlike the Western democracies Indian politics has still got to mature from the levels of ordinary thinking to bigger long term ideas where candidates do not simply speak a lot of mouthful, but implement them well on the ground. It is here that Indian politics got a bad scar of being the most corrupted in the world.

Ignorance and Slave Voting

The anti-incumbency factor is a serious thing in all general elections for politicians at both local and national levels. This is mainly due to false promises that were never meant to be implemented. Yet another reason is the large promises made to public to gather votes that can never actually take fruit due to inherent inabilities to cater to large section of the society. This surely is a challenge.

Other factor is that of ignorance and perhaps the main reason why politicians and religious heads exploit common man’s ignorance for making the vote sway to the party they support. This makes people vulnerable due to their ignorance of general issues and law of the land and translates into fast churning ‘slave votes’. The women voters are the most susceptible to such weaknesses. In fact, this situation is quite widespread due to lack of basic education and cocooned lifestyles of women in many parts of the country. These women are forced to vote by orders from male elders of family, religious groups and social organizations with vested political and economic interests.

If such oppressive ingredients are removed then it may alter the whole of Indian landscape with intelligent voting replacing biased ignorant voting.

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How to Choose the Best Songs for DJ

DJs are proving quite popular since they were invented and have since been holding center stages in public areas, parties and night clubs, and even other musical festivals. Gone are the days when you have a choice of having just each music played for an audience that have length of less than five minutes each. During such occasion when a song ends another music with a different tempo and beat starts and then when that finishes you have yet another with an altogether different acoustic track from the rest of the preceding music. Naturally, this doesn’t go well with an audience that wants to dance and have some fun with continuous beats and music flow.

It is in this context that Disc jockey came into being so that you may use genre of music that mixes well so that it can be continuously played for an audience. This may last for an hour or more with audience dancing and enjoying without any stop till the very end. This is where DJ OZA plays the best Indian songs mixing to the perfect beat to make your Indian Wedding a success!

Tips of Selecting the Best Song Sequence

The first or the primary part of selecting DJs is to know your audience well. This also means ascertaining the age group of the audience that are going to attend and the environment that the hosts or promoters wish to create. It may not go well enough if you go for outright hot numbers when majority of the crowd are quite somber and contain many individuals above the age of forty.

This kind of series of hot numbers would be more suitable in school or music festivals where most of the audience is below the age of 25. Hence, the type and purpose of the event is of utmost importance while selecting your DJs. Some events may be such that they require low tempo at the initial stage and then slowly rise up.

In some cases tempos are adjusted so that the music even plays a down tempo so that people can catch their breadth after a lot of dancing and sit down for a while with a drink.

Mind the Smooth Transitions in DJs

You must always keep in mind the smooth transitions in your DJs. You must make sure that the energy levels of the songs match the preceding portion while giving way smoothly to the next sequence of music. A little jerky transition may make the audience not only tell the difference, but may get them rattled as they may not be able to enjoy the whole sequence. For this you must have a strong outline of your entire set before hand.

In other words, you need to know something quite well about the ramp, mountain and the wave. Ramps are associated with a steady rise from slow BPM to high energy. Mountain signifies a rise into a peak and then halfway through there is symmetrical descent. In the case with wave this is a series of peaks with valleys and allows your audience to enjoy full flow of music in its whole mix from beginning to end. DJ OZA is one of the TOP Indian DJ in Chicago that mixes and blend each songs BPM with the next to make the smooth transition.

With the above in mind you start to compile your music knowing well when a track begins and when another ends.

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A Brief History and Start of DJing

Although experimenting with different music and lyrics happened much earlier, it was only in 1940s that some attempts were made to fuse and mix old recorded music. Again, the attempts became more bold and creative with music mixing bringing about uninterrupted rhythms for the dancing floor of the participants. In the year 1935 American radio commentator, Walter Winchell named this new trend in music as ‘disc jockey’. By then mixing with older and newer genre of music along with impromptu additions being made by the singers themselves it had slowly gained good popularity in small towns and bars in US England. It was however in 1943 that a dance party was launched professionally by DJ Jimmy Savite. The dance party took place in a function room of Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherd situated in Otley, England.

Evolving into modern DJ

It was also to the credit of Jimmy Savite that DJ got the base from where it would slowly evolve into a very popular dance and wedding party music the world over. In fact, it was his unique use of twin turntables with jazz that got the youngsters into a frenzy they had not seen before. It was in the year 1947 that he started doing this which actually brought in a continuous music without any interruption whatsoever and this was what most wedding receptions and dance parties wanted.

It was also to the credit of Jimmy Savite that DJ got the base from where it would slowly evolve into a very popular dance and wedding party music the world over. In fact, it was his unique use of twin turntables with jazz that got the youngsters into a frenzy they had not seen before. It was in the year 1947 that he started doing this which actually brought in a continuous music without any interruption whatsoever and this was what most wedding receptions and dance parties wanted.

It was also to the credit of Jimmy Savite that DJ got the base from where it would slowly evolve into a very popular dance and wedding party music the world over. In fact, it was his unique use of twin turntables with jazz that got the youngsters into a frenzy they had not seen before. It was in the year 1947 that he started doing this which actually brought in continuous music without any interruption whatsoever and this was what most wedding receptions and dance parties wanted.

Simultaneously, in the same year in France, a Whiskey Go-Go nightclub was opened where the main attraction became the disco music where they too played recorded music. Soon the nightclub which was located in Paris became quite a draw for youngsters. A disc jokey which in short is DJ rose in popularity with several newer inputs and innovation. It was the seamless transition from one music to another that gave DJ better adaptability in any space when compared to other kinds of music.

Earlier, DJs were confined to radio stations and Jimmy Savite too got a full time job at Radio Luxemburg. Soon it gave way to newer music equipment that can play two or more music if the audience so wished. This would mean that the DJs could now boldly and without any hassles prepare and align the beat and the music sources and develop them into unique mixture of songs. It also meant that there was always a smooth transition and rhythms never clashed. Again, it also became quite easy to transit from one song to another without disrupting the dancing movement on the floor.

Music to perfectly fit any situation

The popularity of DJs rose as music could be fine tuned and played for the right occasion. It was also cheaper than the live bands and yet the affect it had was magical. Further, DJs could produce strings of old and new as well slow and fast songs and required very little equipments too.

Presently, DJs have evolved into the internet space and other media and even music of east and other Asian countries as well as Africa have been greatly influenced by it. It is now poised to spread even to the remotest corners of the planet.  

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Has DJ got an Edge over Live Band?

Live bands have always seen packed audiences wherever they performed. Although both DJ and live bands have their pros and cons, the former has still an edge over the other when it comes to partying and music for special occasions. It is generally seen that it is music brings out all the fun and there are rarely any weddings, get-togethers, public shows and indoor night clubs that doesn’t have it. Naturally, the audience too expects music that enthralls them and would like to let loose themselves during one of those rare ecstatic moments.

Advantages of having a DJ performance

Nowadays a wedding reception or a party on a grand scale is surely expensive. When stuck for some great ideas to camouflage your short comings, a great display of music and dance and fun by audience covers up everything else. You can beat out most party if you had taken some pains to prepare and reflect upon some of the heart throbbing music that audience would like to dance with. Then almost ninety percent of your stress is over.

You may choose live bands, but they come a little too expensive and at the same time you will find them wanting in flexibility that is easily offered by DJs. Apart from costing you less money DJs can offer audience instant slow to fast track without losing any sheen when it comes to great music. Since DJing is done on recorded music the jockey doesn’t need many instruments. Sometimes, two or three person is enough to carry out the whole session.

When it comes to space DJ is the best thing for you. They require very little space and you may have all the fun that you wish your guests to have. Music too can be served according to likes of the audience. Besides, you may include music types of all ages or even prepare the sequences by looking at the demography of the crowd that has arrived.

Improvising whenever Necessary

DJing is something that has evolved over a period of time and still evolving. This means that it is still flexible to improvisation and also on the participatory levels. For audience this is the real thrill for they can put in their own lyrics matching the continuous beat that is already there. Or in an instant suggest the change in the flow of music to fast or slow.

Unlike the regular live bands DJs needn’t seem empty if one or more person in the band has failed to arrive. Since recorded music and recorded twin music mix is characteristic of this genre anyone can take their place that has some love for music. Perhaps the best part about DJ is that it can go on untiringly throughout the whole night as recorded music hardly makes clumsy mistakes. This may not be quite true for live band music where the band members may get fatigued or need some rest.

When it comes to audience participation DJ is the best thing they would like to have. They can carry out sing songs and dance regardless of their age or practice. Contact the TOP Indian DJ in Chicago DJ OZA 847-372-4555

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Awesome Bride & Groom Indian Reception Entrance Songs

A wedding reception is not fully enriched without some great lyrical bride and groom reception entrance songs. Nowadays, irrespective of the place where the wedding is or in whichever country you belong to there is always that unique bride and groom reception entrance songs. If it isn’t there then there would a shadow across the whole of reception area as well as that ugly back talk and whispers happening. Of course, you don’t want this to happen at your party. So what should you do? You have it planned and prepared so that a great bride and groom lyric is sang the moment both the newly married couple step through the designated entrance door. For this you needn’t choose the lyric alone for it would be better if you had experienced people helping you and to tell you the truth you will be surprised that youngsters know this stuff like nothing else.

A good theme to fit the occasion

You may choose one of the lyrics sung by noted singers or you may ask one of your close friends to prepare one. It must be remembered that the lyrics sung during the occasion should fit with the scene and in this case when the bride and the groom open and enter through the door. You are lucky being in this century for there are hundreds of superb songs that you may either download from the YouTube or from other websites.

You may then shortlist the best singers before they appear for your party or you may employ a professional group of singers. If you are not sure of variety of such songs then you will be bewildered to hear that there are numerous types that it may even prove a little too confusing to choose the best. To remove the confusion you may thereby aim at your chosen theme.

Some of the different types of bride and groom reception entrance songs are country wedding entrance songs meant for non-urban areas where the marriage is being conducted. Then there is the fun wedding entrance songs that has some funny side while presenting it and yet not too coarse or stretching beyond an acceptable limit. On the other hand if the bride and groom happen to be party favorite and out and out friendly, then slow pace of songs may not be the right thing. Here, you may go for the rock and roll wedding entrance songs.

Your own unique song

If you wish to have a bride and groom reception entrance song that is unique then you may choose ones that can be downloaded online without much difficulty. In many cases after some preparation lyricist among your group may prepare an excellent unique song to grace that rare occasion.

Apart from the above you may find classic wedding entrance songs to Indian wedding songs so that it is quite easy to choose the best from a broader variety. It must however be noted that bride and groom reception entrance songs are shorter in length than the ones that are sang during party time although here too improvisation could be made.