How to Choose the Best Songs for DJ

DJs are proving quite popular since they were invented and have since been holding center stages in public areas, parties and night clubs, and even other musical festivals. Gone are the days when you have a choice of having just each music played for an audience that have length of less than five minutes each. During such occasion when a song ends another music with a different tempo and beat starts and then when that finishes you have yet another with an altogether different acoustic track from the rest of the preceding music. Naturally, this doesn’t go well with an audience that wants to dance and have some fun with continuous beats and music flow.

It is in this context that Disc jockey came into being so that you may use genre of music that mixes well so that it can be continuously played for an audience. This may last for an hour or more with audience dancing and enjoying without any stop till the very end. This is where DJ OZA plays the best Indian songs mixing to the perfect beat to make your Indian Wedding a success!

Tips of Selecting the Best Song Sequence

The first or the primary part of selecting DJs is to know your audience well. This also means ascertaining the age group of the audience that are going to attend and the environment that the hosts or promoters wish to create. It may not go well enough if you go for outright hot numbers when majority of the crowd are quite somber and contain many individuals above the age of forty.

This kind of series of hot numbers would be more suitable in school or music festivals where most of the audience is below the age of 25. Hence, the type and purpose of the event is of utmost importance while selecting your DJs. Some events may be such that they require low tempo at the initial stage and then slowly rise up.

In some cases tempos are adjusted so that the music even plays a down tempo so that people can catch their breadth after a lot of dancing and sit down for a while with a drink.

Mind the Smooth Transitions in DJs

You must always keep in mind the smooth transitions in your DJs. You must make sure that the energy levels of the songs match the preceding portion while giving way smoothly to the next sequence of music. A little jerky transition may make the audience not only tell the difference, but may get them rattled as they may not be able to enjoy the whole sequence. For this you must have a strong outline of your entire set before hand.

In other words, you need to know something quite well about the ramp, mountain and the wave. Ramps are associated with a steady rise from slow BPM to high energy. Mountain signifies a rise into a peak and then halfway through there is symmetrical descent. In the case with wave this is a series of peaks with valleys and allows your audience to enjoy full flow of music in its whole mix from beginning to end. DJ OZA is one of the TOP Indian DJ in Chicago that mixes and blend each songs BPM with the next to make the smooth transition.

With the above in mind you start to compile your music knowing well when a track begins and when another ends.