My Views on 2019 India General Election

The heat is on Indian General Election 2019 with 91 seats spanning 20 states had already gone to polls on April 11, 2019. There are in all seven such phases and first phase has finished with voters having given their franchise. Another six more phases are still left and this is the world’s largest electoral process and perhaps the costliest one too. The expenses are mindboggling as in many places notes chase votes. However, time and again the Indian public has put forth its faith in the electoral process and barring a few incidents or violence here and there by and large the past elections have been regarded as quite peaceful. This one too hopefully would remain so if the first phase of voting is any indication.

There are different views on the electoral process as well as opinions on the mandate that parties are likely to get depending upon the different view points, ideologies, chaste, religion, economic scenario and above all communal politics. My view points in a general way would be as you would be able to note from the following paragraphs.

Summing up Indian General Election

I would simply state that the Indian General Election 2019 would be similar to the ones preceding it yet with a definite open pitch for caste and religion as first preference and economic issues and public perception of a leader in second place only. There may be some influences where local politicians walk the talk by meeting some of the promises they had earlier made to the public and even more glaring, the anti-incumbency factor.

Unlike the Western democracies Indian politics has still got to mature from the levels of ordinary thinking to bigger long term ideas where candidates do not simply speak a lot of mouthful, but implement them well on the ground. It is here that Indian politics got a bad scar of being the most corrupted in the world.

Ignorance and Slave Voting

The anti-incumbency factor is a serious thing in all general elections for politicians at both local and national levels. This is mainly due to false promises that were never meant to be implemented. Yet another reason is the large promises made to public to gather votes that can never actually take fruit due to inherent inabilities to cater to large section of the society. This surely is a challenge.

Other factor is that of ignorance and perhaps the main reason why politicians and religious heads exploit common man’s ignorance for making the vote sway to the party they support. This makes people vulnerable due to their ignorance of general issues and law of the land and translates into fast churning ‘slave votes’. The women voters are the most susceptible to such weaknesses. In fact, this situation is quite widespread due to lack of basic education and cocooned lifestyles of women in many parts of the country. These women are forced to vote by orders from male elders of family, religious groups and social organizations with vested political and economic interests.

If such oppressive ingredients are removed then it may alter the whole of Indian landscape with intelligent voting replacing biased ignorant voting.

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