How Trance is Different from Techno?

While the disco raged everywhere some group of music enthusiasts and listeners thought that a more mechanical footing to the music was more interesting. This genre of music soon got popular among these individuals and eventually, their numbers grew when Kraftmark gave it a push for prominence in the 1980s with his pioneering presentations all over the Western world. In sharp contrast was the music genre of melody mixed with warbling so that the whole music swirled forth with predesigned hooks. These hooks were either vocal or instrumental. Again, the bass and the beat were never preferred as much as a synthesizer did. 

The trance genre was more popular among those that went frequently to the bar and were having lots of money to spend around. Techno was all about repetitive beats and dance that required high energy levels and that too throughout the performance from the very beginning to the end.

Difference in Perception of Music

For the techno fans this genre of music greatly raised their enthusiasm to a much higher level and many would dance till they fell into heaps by sheer exhaustion. The music was full of energy and looked more mechanical or synthetic. This made this genre of music quite popular in parties, public gathering and school festivals. It also stresses less on a melody or tries to do without it altogether. The repetitive beats and the entire music resting on synthesizers and percussion ensembles of high energy sound mechanics made it look as if the whole music was being performed by robots.

The trance on the other hand had a following that cared for melody even while they always carried distinct warbling sound. Further, the music of this genre had a layer of hooks and this can be either by singing or with the help of instruments alone. The net affect it had on an audience is that it gave a feeling of high and the mind akin to that of hypnotic mood or something like a person who happens to take drugs.

Trance of the Mind and Techno of Energy

When summing up you may find that where melody matters the mind is the main factor and therefore it prefers smoother repetitive tones. Again, it makes the listener feel good and happier that goes down well with this group of listeners who love to hear trance in the bar or sheesha.

In the case of Techno you have high energy that allows you to sway your body and lays less stress on the mind except for feeling of ease. It obviously makes or prepares all audience for dance with its continuous rhythm.

With trance there is also the feeling of low tension and ease that comes to a person who has been hypnotized. You feel as if you prefer to watch the world around you unfolding to the music with lesser appeal of any body movement and more stress and that overall of satisfaction of the mind that you get.

One characteristics of Trance music is that it builds into climax and does away with whatever beats and drums for sometime and then again builds up.

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